QCFE Supply Ultra-light Appliances to VIC

29 March, 2016

Quik Corp has recently released eight ultra-light firefighting vehicles designed specifically for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning as part of a statewide upgrade of its fleet. These are among 31 being rolled out across Victoria over the next four weeks with an additional 270 to be delivered over the next four years.

DELWP Chief Fire Officer Alan Goodwin said the upgrade was helping to position Victoria as the leader in firefighter vehicle safety.

"These vehicles are modified Mercedes Benz G Wagons and have been specifically fitted out with equipment designed for DELWP's firefighting and planned burning needs," Mr Goodwin said.



Deputy Commissioner Visits QCFE 

20 March, 2016

Deputy Commissioner Visits Quik Corp Fire Engineering

Reproduced from RFBAQ (Smoke Signals Autumn 2016)

QCFE Delivers Multi-Purpose Appliance

05 February, 2016

Quik Corp Fire Engineering is proud to have delivered the first Multi-Purpose Medium Attack Iveco Daily to the QLD Rural Fire Service. The first of its kind, the appliance utilises three different modules that are designed for a more-varied use of a vehicle, covering serveral roles.

Suitable for four personnel, the appliance can deploy firefighting foam, water and rescue equipment that is suited to the suburban and semi-rural regions. When not in use, modules are stored on jacking legs and can be easily removed manually or with a forklift. 

Multi Purpose Fire Appliance with CAFS Unit

The platforms inculde:

CAFS Firefighting Module 

  • 800L water capacity
  • Through-lockers, 2x light masts
  • Endless air compressor
  • RFR2 electric hose reel
  • Waterous CAFS system

Swift Water Rescue moduleSwift Water Rescue Pod with storage

  • Custom-designed carier with tilting system for rescue boat
  • Five stowage lockers
  • Two small water tanks
  • Workbench and removable whiteboard with pullout storage

Heavy-duty Tray Module

Suitable for everyday transport requirements

  • Tread plate deck
  • Drop sides and tail gate

The versatility of this system allows for greater and more vaierd use of a vehicle, meaning less investment in vehicles across your fleet. Completely customisable to your requirements, Quik Corp can build to your requirements.

For more information on this type of vehicle, click here or call one of our representatives on 07 5493 8944


Quik Corp Welcomes Our Newest Team Member

As Quik Corp continues to expand, it is a priority for us to ensure we continue to deliver high quality service and equipment.  To do this you need to have the best people and it is a focus for us to expand our skill base.

As such Quik Corp would like introduce the latest member in our team, Mal Assim. Mal is our new Production Manager and will oversee the Crow’s Nest branch.

With vast amount of experience and qualifications, Mal comes from a strong managerial background within large and small manufacturing industries. He is a certified Boilermaker and Welding inspector, as well as having qualifications and experience in Project Management, Business Management, Mechanical Engineering, Welding Engineering, Pneumatics, and CAD.

Mal has been a Production Supervisor - managing staff, projects, and machinery - for companies such as Engineering Services UGLDavey Engineering, and heavy steel manufacturers RPG.  He was Production Manager for mining company WDS where he was able to expand his management expertise and work on innovative projects.  He recently spent a year in China as Senior Quality Coordinator for Sinostruct, where he was responsible for the auditing and inspections of all projects under his management.

Mal is a hands on leader who works strongly with his team to bring out the best. He has a passion for delivering high quality products in a timely manner. We know that when we couple this with the already skilled and dedicated team at Crow’s Nest, there is plenty to be excited about in the future. Welcome to the team Mal!


Quik Corp deliver Scania Fire Appliance to QGC

Quik Corp has recently delivered a Scania 6X4 Crew Cab-Large Urban Fire Appliance to QGC in support of the QGCLNG plant on Curtis Island in Gladstone.

Whilst the Scania appliance, valued at over $1 million dollars,  was designed specifically for the Curtis Island operation it  is also compatible with cutting edge frontline Urban Pumpers in service today,

The unit will be under the command of specialist fire and rescue services provider Corporate Protection Australia onsite who are a valued partner.

Appliance Objectives:

  • Transportation of five personnel and equipment to an incident on paved or unpaved roads
  • To provide a fire response for paved road urban/city Fire Fighting
  • To provide scene lighting in response situations.
  • To provide communication tools
  • To transport 3000L of usable water
  • To provide water at a rate of 3600 Litres per minute at 10 bar with a lift of 3m or 400 Litres per minute at 40 bar (supply to hose reel)
  • To discharge water from a variety of discharge points include an overhead mounted water turret/monitor.
  •  To provide the pump with water from external sources (I.e. Pool, Dam, Hydrant, etc.)
  •  To add Class B foam solutions into the water delivery of the system

Features Include:

  • 3000 litre custom made UV stabilised tank
  • Custom built Waterous PTO driven pump Module
  • In cab and remote control operated Sidewinder Turret/Monitor
  • Custom built Aluminium Lockers

QCFE and DEPI Form Partnership

Quik Corp is proud to announce a contract to supply over 400 Ultra-light Fire Appliances  with The Department of Environment and Primary Industries in Victoria.

The contract is worth in excess of 20 million dollars over 5 years and features the latest in ultra-light attack appliance technology incorporating a modular and functional design. The unit can be removed if needed and also be accessorised  with purpose built land care attachments for the full requirements for a forestry application. Designed to suit the Mercedes Benz G Wagon platform, it incorporates the engineering excellence of both organisations, to provide a safe and functional appliance for fighting high risk forest fires in a traditionally intolerable environment.  In collaboration with The Department QCFE also designed and certified a FOPS system that will ensure maximum safety from falling trees for fire fighters in the vehicle cabin. 

The unit features:

1. Custom built stowage and locker configurations that ensure efficiency and ease of use for the fire fighter.   
2. Tyre handler for automated tyre lift and lower
3. 620 litre Tank
4. RFR4 Hose Reel fitted with 19mm ID Horizon flame resistant hose
5. Hatz 1B40 Diesel 12V electric start and Davey Fire fighter twin impeller pump
6. Falling Object Protection Structure

For more information on our range of light attack fire vehicles please contact us.

Members of QuikCorp and Depi pose in front of one of 400 plus appliances to be delivered over the contract term




Quik Corp Fire Engineering is proud to announce the successful completion of the latest addition to the  fire fighting fleet for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. Dubbed the "Izone" it is a multi purpose fire and rescue platform mounted on a Isuzu NPS 300 Crew Cab 4 x 4.

The Izone, although small in size, is packed full of equipment and fire fighting tools including SCBA sets for all crew, air compressor, 2 x QFCE powerd hose reels (RFR-2), earth tools, back burning equipment, a 1200L custom designed water tank and a fridge in the cabin for crew.

The Izone also include pioneer innovations in its design, including the new QCFE multipump system, 3 sources of fire fighting foams and overhead storage for a swift water rescue raft. The integration of a rack to store a swift water rescue boat has had a positive reception amongst the fire fighting community with the possibility of future fire appliances incorporating the technology.

The multipump system as the name implies, is a dual pump-set featuring a GAAM MK125 and a Medium Pressure (480psi) Diaphragm pump, which provides the operator the best of both worlds when it comes to water output. The Diaphragm pump delivers significant water savings by combining higher pressure with variable flow (13-50Lpm), delivered through 100m of 1/2"ID hose. Both pumps can be operated independently and are powered by a single engine. The mulitpump has proved popular in the fire fighting community with a large number being used in the field. QCFE can also provide numerous pumping and drive options.

The NPS 300 is a very versatile vehicle and is available in a range of different configurations and with numerous options.

Click here for more information or call 1800 645 688 to speak to a representative.

New CFS Crew Cabs ready for Inspection

QCFE roll out three of the new South Australian Country Fire Service 14 Crew Cabs ready for inspection. The remaining three units will be finished early in the new year in what has been a successful project between QCFE and CFS.

For more information on this type of tanker click here


New CFS Cew Cab Medium Tankers by QCFE

Brand new CFS Meduim Tankers ready for Inspection.


Light Attack Vehicle - Iveco Daily

Quik Corp Fire Engineering has recently completed the manufacture of 3 prototype rural fire fighting appliances for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). It is the first generation of the Light Attack fire fighting appliance to be produced in Australia and the first to be delivered to QFES. It is mounted on a IVECO Daily Single Cab 4 x 4.  Vehicle has had a GVM derated to 4495kgs.

The  features a new custom designed 800L water tank, a massive 60% capacity increase to that of a Toyota Landcruiser (Fire Cruiser). The compact and lightweight tray design allows for maximum storage capacity with space available for earth tools, fuel canisters, firefighting foam and suction hoses. The Light Attack Vehicle also features a Quik Corp Powered Reel (RFR-2) on a rotating base to ensure ease of operation when in the field.

The Iveco has been upgraded to feature 3 seats instead of the factory 2, in the cabin. Remarkably, despite the large amount of equipment and water stored onboard, the Iveco is still able to be driven under a regular C class licence.

The Iveco is available in a range of different configurations and with numerous options. Click here for more information or call 1800 645 688 to speak to a representative.


News: Solid Eco Foam Wins Innovation Award

Quik Corp has been presented with the innovation award at the Sunshine Coast business awards for the worldwide patented Solid EF.
QCFE WINS Innovation award for Solid Eco Foam

(Left to Right) QCFE Fire Products Manager Andrew Geue with Quik Corp's Financial Controller Jacqueline Clarke and Business Development Manager Chris Coren (far right).

Click here to learn more about this ground breaking product.




Hi Ex Foam Generator Trailer

Quik Corp Fire Engineering has recently unveiled the first Hi-Ex Foam Fan Trailer for Corporate Protection Australia (CPA) Group. The Foam Fan Trailer is the first of its kind but is expected to become a very popular fire fighting appliance.

As the name implies, the Foam Fan trailer is a portable fan that is capable of producing large amounts of foam which will spread and cover a ground area to aid in suppressing gas based fires.

The Foam Fan Trailer features an Ansul Jet-X20 Foam Fan which has the ability to be raised and lowered through a 90 degree range of rotation with the assistance of electric linear actuators. The unit has a 100L on board  fire fighting foam tank along with necessary pipework to induct the foam liquid into the water stream at variable rates. All the equipment is mounted onto a ultra heavy duty QCFE dual axle trailer.

The trailer recently completed a successful demonstration test for CPA and is expected to be commissioned for a Gladstone based LNG project on Curtis Island.

Click here for more information on the Foam Fan Trailer or call 1800 645 688 to speak to a representative.

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