Solid EF

Traditional firefighting foams must be transported to the location required in a vehicle or trailer. Bulky drums are awkward to transport and take up considerable space that could be better utilised by carrying other valuable equipment.

QCFE is proud to introduce the revolutionary Solid EF. Solid EF is a surfactant, and like traditional foams is a substance capable of lowering the surface tension of liquids, facilitating the wetting of solid surfaces, and permitting the penetration of liquids into the capillaries.  Solid EF can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment and is simple to use. The lightweight aluminium dispenser and biodegradable water solvent cartridges are available in a 1kg block or 5 x 200g doughnut configuration.

                         Solid EF Foam Donuts


  • The dispenser is made from a rigid aluminium construction
    No moving parts mean no maintenance and no extra cost
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Up to 3945kpi working pressure
  • Up to 200 litres per minute flow rate
  • Easily retro-fitted to existing equipment
  • Foam or bypass modes built into the dispenser


  • The foam block is very lightweight: only 1kg each      
  • 1kg foam block or 5 X 200gram donuts is equivalent to using a 20-litre drum
  • Fixed proportioning rate
  • No more lifting heavy awkward drums
  • No chance of spillage
  • Five-year shelf life


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