Speed Loader Stand

Load or unload your unit in moments with our specially designed Speed Loader Stand

        Speedloader Stand

The innovative speed loader allows for the 500 litre R352 slip-on unit, or similiar sized varieties, to be loaded or unloaded in either full or empty condition.


  • Deploy a fully loaded R352 onto your utility in moments
  • Allows for one-man loading operation
  • Suited for tray heights up to 1 metre
  • Only a few seconds for vehicle loading time

The standard R380 speed load stand is only certified for use with mop-up units up to 500 litres. Quik Corp Fire Engineering is also able to supply built-to-order stands for larger capacity mop-up units.

The fully galvanised speed loading stand is shipped in kit form and is easily assembled. If the stand is to be used to store an R352 mop-up unit which is full of water, the stand should be bolted to flooring using all of the holes provided in the leg bases.  

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