Multi Pump unit on Medium Attaxk 4x4 Appliance


The Multi-Pump System allows the user the option of having access to two types of pump outputs using one power source.

It provides the used with the benefits of ‘high flow’ and ‘water conservation’ outputs both individually, or simultaneously, when required. This allows the user the flexibility to be useful in a wide range of fire situations with just one vehicle for both tasks.

One Power Source, Two Pumps
> Volume Application or Pressure Application

Option to Conserve Water
> High Pressure/Low Volume pump uses much less water
> This option is effective on 80% of fires
> Enables fire fighters to remain on the fire ground longer
> Facilitates better use of resources (water, truck and personnel)
> Increases efficiency and effectiveness of fire fighters

Versatile Modular Construction
Different Hose Reel options and Pump Combinations

Simple 1, 2, 3 Step Operation
> Start Motor - Select Pump - Open Nozzle/Squirt Water

Lightweight Aluminium Construction
Australian Designed, Australian Made and Australian Patented



  • Bush Fire Fighting and Mop Up
  • Quik Attack® Fire Fighting
  • Hazardous Substance Containment
  • Low Set Structural Fire Fighting
  • Road Crash Rescue Support Vehicle



Medium Attack Tanker 4x4 Appliance with Multi Pump
                  Medium Attack Tanker 4x4 Appliance with Multi Pump

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