Quik Attack Mop Up R352

        Quik Attack Mop Up Unit R352

Lightweight and versatile, this skid mounted fire fighting unit slips easily on to the tray of a style side Falcon or Commodore Utility as well as most other utilities and trucks.  The Slip On holds 500 litres of water in the poly tank to make your trip worthwhile and will deliver foam via the innovative ‘round the pump’ Aquafoam injection system at concentrations of up to 3%. Fire fighting foam acts as a wetting agent in hot conditions and assists assets which have been foamed to remain damp enough to survive during a fire. Examples of this include domestic houses, sheds and mobile equipment.

Over 2500 Slip On units have been manufactured since 1997 for the Queensland Rural Fire Service, Agricultural and Farm customers, Environmental services, Mining Companies and Military customers.

At only 145kg dry weight, the Slip On can be lifted by hand by a small team onto most utility vehicles and tabletop trucks by using the carry handles at each end of the skid frame and will even slip between the wheel arches of style side Holden and Ford utilities. The Robin 6hp OHC engine and a Dolphin 38mm Fire fighter pump deliver the volume (up to 360 litres per minute) and pressure (up to 60 m of head) you’ve come to expect from an Quik Corp Fire Engineering appliance.

With a 30m hose reel and 25mm Storz couplings at both ends of the hose for compatibility with most standard equipped fire fighting vehicles, and a Dial-a-Jet® nozzle, you will have all the reach you could need from this little unit.

Each R352 has a 6m length of 38mm poly suction hose with a 38mm Camlok Coupling on one end and a stainless steel strainer at the other end to provide safe and ready access to dams and tanks for filling the 500 litre water tank. In addition a 38mm poly T-Port valve is fitted to make the transition from drawing from the tank supply to an external supply such as a dam as easy as connecting the suction hose to the 38mm Camlok and shifting the valve handle so the long side points to the desired supply. The Slip On can also be used with the QCFE Speedloader. This innovative stand allows a fully loaded Slip On unit to be deployed onto a utility or truck in a matter of moments and also retrieved from it when fire fighting operations have ceased. The skid, mounts, baskets and all speed loader components are hot dip galvanised to last. When instant deployment of a firefighting capability is needed, then a Slip On & Speedloader combination is the right choice.

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  • Robin 6hp OHC with Dolphin 1.5 inch (38mm) Fire Fighter Pump.
  • 30m Single post Hose Reel fitted with 30m Rubber fire Hose
  • Storz Couplings on both ends & Dial-a-Jet® Nozzle
  • 38mm intake port with a 3 way poly T-Port Valve with a replaceable Teflon ball
  • 38mm outlet port is fitted with a 38mm ball valve and 38mm Storz Coupling for rapid filling.



  • 2 x 25mm outlet ports
  • Rear Valve for the hose reel
  • Front Valve for the foam Proportioner
  • Aquafoam FP100 Firefighting Foam Proportioning System
  • Galvanized Drum Rack for Foam Drum
  • 500 litre (stated capacity) Poly Tank with Baffle


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