Heavy Duty box & Tipper Trailers

             QCFE Tipper Trailer

The heavy duty box trailer is one of the most robust canopy covered box style trailers on the market. Used extensively by the Stare Emergency Service Department in Queensland, Australia for rescue and emergency response activities, this unit can deliver reliabilty under harsh conditions second to none.

Several variants are available, including radio communications trailers used to co-ordinate emergency response activities over wide area. These units can be dropped via Helicopter onto mountaintops to act as repeaters for radio communications equipment during large scale disasters.

Also available are roadside rescue and emergency response trailers. Canopy covered and capable of hauling up to 1200kg, these trailers are built tough to withstand the harshest of conditions and always be ready to serve.

For lighter duty, the single axle rescue trailer is still capable of carrying 910kg and will keep the weather out with its custom manufactured, fully zippered, canvas cover.

We also have a range of tipping trailers from 2 to 3.5 T, the trailers have built in hydraulic pumps with electric motors. The trailers are hot dipped galvanised and heavy duty.

Construction of each trailer type varies a example of typical construction:



  • Chassis constructed from 75 x 50 x 3 RHS
  • Draw bar from 100 x 50 x 3 RHS.
  • Tow coupling is Alko 614010.
  • Sens-A-Brake air/hydraulic/electric brake system - park brake is intergrated into the system.



  • Hot dip galvanised chassis (can be powder coated). 3mm plate.
  • Alko suspension system rated to the ATM.
  • 2 x Alko square axles.
  • Landcruiser 6 stud 16" Sunraysia style rims.






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